New Events Posted: Oct 30, 2012

TDAP Marquee

The new TDAP Secretary Picks are published on:

Opening Nov 30, 2012 ~ Closing Dec 21, 2012

113012A86x98 ~ A numbered course for an 86′ by 98′ space.

113012B40x40 ~ A game, the Minuet; for a 40′ by 40′ space.

113012C70x70 ~ A numbered course; designed for a 70′ by 70′ space; Flavor: Played  under the rules  of the Teacup Dogs Agility Association (TDAA).

I’ve really been looking forward to introducing the Minuet to the larger agility world. It is not really quite as simple as it seems.

Bud Houston


This is the premier offering of Top Dog Agility Players. The mission of the TDAP is to provide an inexpensive, competitive, games-oriented venue for dogs of all sizes without regard to breed or pedigree; and facilitate broad-based league play competition providing a shared experience that spans geographic boundaries.

Initially our intention is to operate as a broad-based agility league in which all scores will be aggregated for the ranking of dogs in competition. We have our own rule book; and we will confer titles for qualifying scores to dogs that distinguish themselves in competition; in much the same way the big and important dog agility organizations do.

The difference:

  • There are no dog registration fees in TDAP
  • There are no club membership fees in TDAP
  • There are no Trial Application fees in TDAP

The single expense for play in TDAP shall be the League Secretary (or Recording) Fee. This is the lowest comparable in the sport of dog agility at $1.00 per run; paid when results are reported.

League Secretary’s Picks

Opening Nov 16, 2012 ~ Closing Dec 7, 2012

111612A60x90 ~ A numbered course (resembling a Steeplechase); designed for a 60′ by 90′ space; nested with:

111612B60x90 ~ A game, Dare to Double; designed for a 60′ by 90′ space; nested with the numbered course (above).

111612C110x80 ~ A numbered course; designed for an 80′ by 110′ space; nested with:

111612D60x90 ~ A game, Dare to Double; designed for an 80′ by 110′ space; nested with the numbered course (above).

On selection of any of the Secretary’s Picks the local group will download the Competition Package associated with that event. Contents are in a .zip file that will include:

  • Read Me file
  • Course Map
  • Score Sheet

Rules and Regulations, v 3.1

Everybody Should Get to Play!

If you have a training floor or field size not accommodated by the League Secretaries Picks and would like to play in the TDAP please write to There are most likely others in the world with the same sort of facility; and we’d like to match you up with them.