Top 1000 NDAL Dogs Lifetime Performance Points

A dog earns LPP just for playing in an NDAL competition; and earns another LPP for not being eliminated. The balance of points come from an inverse-to-placement formula. Given a competition of 100 dogs, the first-place dog earns 102 LPP; the last place dog earns 3 points if he didn’t get eliminated; and only 1 point if he was eliminated.

These factors should be observed:

  • LPP advantage goes to dogs with the greatest longevity in NDAL play.
  • The size of the roster in a given league certainly influences the LPP that can be earned.
  • A dog competing in more than one monthly NDAL competition has a multiplying advantage.

View the Top 1000 Dogs PDF here:

View Lifetime LPP by club here: Club LPP 070619.pdf


  • 1838 Dogs have ever played in the NDAL
  • There are 21 active franchises; 11 inactive franchises; and 6 defunct franchises.

You can see the list of active clubs here:


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