TDAP Concept

I’m trying to put together a very large competitive agility league that spans the country, and possibly will work its way around the world. The concept is fairly simple. Every week we will run the same courses or play the same games within the league, and then submit scores to a central database (League Secretary).

We actually have a rule book (deep in draft mode right now). The system will include titling. And more importantly will track Lifetime Performance Points (LPP) for a dog over time.

It has been my dream for many years to develop a recreational approach to agility that is affordable to just about anybody who wants to play. And I think I’ve finally got the correct model.

This is Top Dog Agility Players.

Initially our intention is to operate as a broad-based agility league in which all scores will be aggregated for the growth and ranking of dogs in competition. We will have our own rule book; and we will confer titles for qualifying scores to dogs that distinguish themselves in competition; in much the same way the big and important dog agility organizations do.

The difference:

  • There are no dog registration fees in TDAP
  • There are no club membership fees in TDAP
  • There are no Trial Application fees in TDAP


The single expense for play in TDAP shall be the League Secretary (or Recording) Fee. This is the lowest comparable in the sport of dog agility at $1.00 per run; paid when results are reported.

This is rather like the league play format we used to do in JFF. The course is set up at the beginning of the week and as students come for class they will play the game, and then have their class (or vice reversa). So it’s a win for the people who play with their dogs as well, because there are no additional travel costs.

I really want to know if you are interested in this. I want to match you up with everyone who has a comparable field size (and equipment).

This is an early invitation. You’d be one of the pioneers of this recreational venue. We’re calling it, for now, Top Dog Agility Players (TDAP).

Bud Houston