Playing with the NDAL is a simple matter. We currently run four separate leagues based on the size of the working space and the theme, or complexity of challenge. If you have a working space big enough you can participate in any or all of the four leagues.

These are our four leagues:

54×70 Games ~ As the name suggests, we play agility games
50×70 Fast & Fun ~ Focus on flow and speed
60×90 Masters ~ Focus on advanced skills
35×85 Fast & Fun ~ Focus on flow and speed

Most franchises play in only one or two each month. A handful play in all four.

The 50×70 is our most prolific league, and will earn your players the highest LPP. The 54×70 Game is always based on the set of the floor for the 50×70 (no equipment movement whatsoever).

League competition

A league team’s score is the sum of the top five scores submitted by the franchise. The score is derived from Lifetime Performance Points (LPP). This is a number that is inverse to the number of dogs that compete in a given month. To simplify, if 10 dogs play, the first-place dog earns 10 points; the 10th place dog earns 1 point.

The competition year is divided into four series that roughly correspond to the season of the year. September will be the final month of the Summer series.

Franchise captains will be invited to join the Board of Governors discussion list on Yahoo. Ultimately the Board of Governors makes decisions as to the conduct of league play.

A Link to YouTube Recording in the Results
A link to a YouTube recording for each performance in the results is not required. But we encourage the practice. Half of the fun is seeing how other players approach solving the riddles of the games and courses that you play.

How much does it cost to play?

There are no franchise fees; no membership fees; no trial application fees.
There is a small expense for registering dogs, paid one time only.

When results are reported the franchise club will pay a recording fee of $1.00 for each recorded score, plus registration fees for previously unregistered dogs.

Dogs must be registered with the National Dog Agility League. You can download the registration form here:

All courses are be conducted under Top Dog Agility Players rules for performance. The Top Dog Rules and Regulations can be downloaded here:

Rules and Regulations

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