Access to the Database

I am thrilled to announce that the data is back in the database. It took a little doing, but I think I may have a rhythm for it now.

PLEASE be careful while using it; do not change anything. I am still learning how to make the reports and such work in a way to limit changes.

The database currently has the following data:

  • All individual runs from Jan through July 2022
  • Course maps for all of 2022
  • Total of all LPP earned prior to 2021 for each dog

I will be adding everything from 2021 next starting from December and working backward to January 2021. So please note that your total LPP will not include 2021 until I have entered them. It is easier to do it this way so that I do note have to go back and delete all the scores.

Course Catalog: The database also includes all of the courses I have entered so far. As I work backward through the historical data, those courses will be added. The entries include the CRCD code.

You can use the link here to see the reports available.


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