October 2022 IDAL League Courses

The following courses are for October 2022 IDAL play.

We have some craziness this month! Who are our back-seat drivers? Speed demons? Daredevils? We shall find out. I expect to see some interesting handling on these!

The course for this month is “simple” numbered course. Scored time plus faults.

Course Maps

An Open Invitation to New Players

New clubs and individuals are always welcome to join us and play these courses. Download the scorekeeping worksheet below. Contact the League Secretary to help with the details at pagc.live@gmail.com.   

  • Existing league franchises will be emailed their scorekeeping worksheets set up with their current rosters. If you would like multiple scoresheets, just let me know.

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Questions, comments, snide remarks, and feedback go to Melissa Wallace, IDAL Secretary, at pagc.live@gmail.com.


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