May 2022 IDAL Courses (Update 2)

The following courses are for May 2022 IDAL play. This year, we are alternating between standard type courses and games. The league seasons will be 4 months long so that each season will have two numbered courses and two games. Additionally, each season will be a discreet unit. Results will be tallied for the season rather than an entire year; however, end of year results will also be reported.

Instructors, if you have some specific skills, scenarios, and/or obstacles you want to work when using the IDAL courses in class, please let me know. I will try my best to get them included. If anyone would like to request a specific game to play, let me know.

Folks are always welcome to try their hand at designing league courses!

Briefing for May 2022

This month we are playing a game designed by Melissa Wallace in Grand Bay, Alabama. The May 2022 courses are all similar. They are based on a game that was originally played in TDAA in 2018. This month we get to play “What’s My Line.” This is a popular game in TDAA. It is simple in concept…

The objective is to perform every obstacle on the field as quickly as possible without repeating or omitting any. 

You may start and end by crossing either side of the Start/Finish line. All obstacles are bidirectional. Each obstacle is worth 1 point. The numbers on the obstacles are only for the judge and score table. You will hear the judge calling out the number associated with the obstacles after you successfully complete each one.

If an obstacle is performed more than once, the judge calls the number, but the team loses a point. The dog may continue on course.

Performance faults will be indicated by the judge calling “Fault.” No faults will be added to your time. However, a faulted obstacle earns no points and is counted as completed (but zero points). If the faulted obstacle is reattempted, the dog would earn a fault for repeating an obstacle. No refusals on the up contact will be faulted. Continue on the course.

If the handler opts to use food, a toy, or a training aid, please indicate that fault on the roster (that fault will adjust the score).

Time starts and stops when the dog crosses the start/finish line. It would be helpful if you yell “Done” to the timer because they may not have kept track of what obstacles you took.

Scored: Points, then time. Time is a tie breaker.

NOTES: If you do not have a judge (i.e. you run by yourself), the video must be reviewed to ensure that the run is scored correctly. All levels will compete on the same course, but Initiates and Dabblers will be divided into their own teams.

Course Maps

Maps with Coordinates

An Open Invitation to New Players

New clubs and individuals are always welcome to join us and play these courses. Download the scorekeeping worksheet below. Contact the League Secretary to help with the details at   

40×85 League

50×60 League

60×90 League

Existing league franchises will be emailed their scorekeeping worksheets set up with their current rosters. If you would like multiple scoresheets, just let me know.

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Questions, comments, snide remarks, and feedback go to Melissa Wallace, IDAL Secretary, at


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