March 60×90 Results

Below are the results for the 60×90 League for March 2022. The March course is the second standard type course for the First Season of 2022. The course was designed by Melissa Wallace, the league secretary. The March course is actually two courses. One is the normal league course, and the other is designed to be more friendly to the less experienced players. Having separate courses is currently in a testing phase to evaluate the implementation methodology, practicality, and utility for league players. However, players seem to appreciate the option. Thus, we will likely continue having two courses for each league.

If anyone would like to design courses for the league, let me know!!!

The efforts of dogs playing in March earn Lifetime Performance Points (LPP). The LPP is a measure of rank based on how each dog placed in relation to all the other dogs. The IDAL keeps a catalog of all the courses run since the league inception. When a course is run a second, third, fourth… time, the scores of ALL the dogs who have ever run the course are maintained in field. New runs are compared and ranked with the old runs. This ranking is a unique system in the agility world. It allows competitors to do such things as compare a current run to an older run by the same dog or visualize how handling has changed over the years. Honors (titles) are conferred based on the total LPP of a dog as well as the performance in each season.

60×90 Courses for March 2022

60×90 Regular Standings

Follow this link to view individual performance by dogs and their handlers. Most are graced with a YouTube link:

Top Dog

The Top Dog of all the clubs reporting in March is Kyria from Jumping C Crew. Kyria and Kathy Greenway burned up the course in 33.17 seconds with no faults. Kyria is Border Collie.

First-Place Team – 400 LPP

The first-place club in March is Jumping C Crew. Kyria and Kathy Greenway took the club’s top spot. They ran the course in 33.17 with zero faults.

Second-Place Teams – 372 LPP

Second place was close one this month, but Jumpin’ K-9’s pulled in to second by 1 point. The Mighty Quinn took the top spot for the club. Quinn, an Australian Shepherd handled by Kaye Fitzpatrick, nailed their top spot in 36.73 seconds with no faults.

Third-Place Team – 371 LPP

Third place this month goes to Cloud Nine from Minnesota. Navi the Border Collie, handled by Ali Kuschel, took the club’s top spo. They completed the course with zero faults in 33.86 seconds.

Fourth-Place Team – 274 LPP

Bennie, a Poodle handled by Nancy Mersot, continues to jet through courses for POTC Thunder Pawz.  They finished this course with zero faults in 37.03 seconds. This club hails from Brimfield, Illinois.

Fifth-Place Team – 226 LPP

Our fifth-place club was Sport Dogs Jalisco from Mexico. Spyke, a Miniature Schnauzer handled by Mirasol Rivas took their top spot. They finished this course with zero faults in 44.27 seconds. Schnauzers are pretty impressive agility dogs; I have known quite a few running in different venues.

Results for Initiates

Follow the links below to view individual performances by dogs and their handlers. Most have YouTube links:

Top Dog

The Initiates this month ran the full course rather than the somewhat easier one. Their scores were added to the LPP calculation for the regular course. However, I am listing them separately here to compare like skill levels.

The Top Dog for the month of March is Mutya, an All American handled by Felipe Zanartu. They took the Top Dog spot be running with zero faults in 37.08 seconds.

Second-Place Dog

The second-place dog is Milo. Milo is a Terrier handled by Talena Campbell. They ran the course with zero faults in 44.18 seconds.

Third-Place Dog  

The third-place dog was Lilly, an Australian Shepherd handled by Mike Biel. They had zero faults and completed the course in 46.37 seconds.


Questions comments & snide remarks should be directed to Melissa Wallace at payments for the IDAL should be directed to this page: Bud Houston’s Book of Games is available for purchase at All proceeds from the sale will go to Bud.


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