March 2015 League Results

We are happy to finally publish the results for the National Dog Agility League competition for March 2015.

Top Dog

Anne O’Neill, Wynd, Border Collie, F, 20, 16.71

Top 20

Anne O’Neill, Wynd, Border Collie, F, 20, 16.71

Anne O’Neill, Snow Devyl, Border Collie, F, 26, 17.10

Teri O’Neill, Tylt, Border Collie, F, 20, 17.29

Kirstin O’Neill, Beckham, Parson Russell, M, 16, 18.29

Tracy Hanna, Jiro!, Belgian Malinois, F, 20, 19.60

Steve Schwarz, Flyer, Border Collie, M, 22, 22.18

Tony Sulita, Merlin, Border Collie, M, 22, 22.77

Carly Treinen, Moses, All American, M, 16, 23.00

Lori Rossi, Fysti, Sheltie, F, 12, 23.79

Laura Fearn, Sofia, Sheltie, F, 14, 24.45

Keith Staub, Scout, Chessie, M, 12, 26.85

Bud Houston, Kory, Border Collie, M, 20, 27.31

Tracey Lind, Paint, Kelpie, F, 26, 27.51

Bonnie Allen, Fame, Border Collie, F, 16, 29.00

Marsha Houston, Phoenix, Border Collie, M, 20, 29.93

Darryl Pubillones, Rosie, Border Collie, F, 20, 29.96

Susan Weber, Target, DSFD, M, 12, 30.22

Andrea Atkinson, Max, All-American, M, 20, 31.53

Jack Withrow, Zipp, Border collie, m, 20, 31.89

Kirstin O’Neill, Radical Rabbit, Malinois, F, 26, 31.96

030115A45x90 ~ Numbered Course


Download Event Workbook

Download Results

Continued League Play in April 2015

April is a month in which we are treading water, as we build the founders coalition for the organization. Today and tomorrow invitations will be going out to our league clubs to join a discussion list on Yahoo. We have quite a bit of work to do to define the constitution of the organization.

In any case, we have two games scheduled for the month of April. These are described below, with links to download the scorekeeping workbooks.

04081560×60 The Box Game


Download Event Workbook ~ The workbook has the score sheet, the course map, and a briefing for this game.

The Box game is a sequencing game that provides for bonuses for the dog working at a distance. The Box Game is scored Time, Plus Faults, Less Bonuses.

This course is designed for Novice dogs to be successful and test basic skills. However, the game invites handlers of very advanced dogs who want to shoot for the high score on a ripper race track of a course.

111612B60x90 Dare to DoubleBLOG999_02

Download Event Workbook ~ The workbook has the scoresheet, the course map, and a briefing for this game.

Download Results ~ This game was originally played in November, 2012. You can download existing results here.

Dare to Double is a dog’s-choice game. The objective is to score as many points as possible, repeating a doubling obstacle on course (traditionally the A-frame) as often as time allows. The dog risks losing half his points if the A-frame is faulted! The dog must get to the finish obstacle before course time elapses or be penalized. Dare to Double is score Points, Then Time.

Blog1001 NDAL

Questions comments & impassioned speeches to Bud Houston The web store is up and running. You’ll find in the web store The Book of Agility Games, an invaluable reference to clubs engaged in league play.


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