Summer League 2015 Rules and Stipulations

Following are the rules and stipulations for the National Dog Agility League Summer 2015 competition. This document is intended to be a model but should not be viewed as a constraint for future league rules.

Frequency and Duration: The league shall consist of one competition each month inclusive of: May, June, July and August 2015.

Field Size: 60′ x 70′ (or, obviously, larger)

League Scoring by Placement: The top 5 dogs for each club in each of the four league competitions will earn Lifetime Performance Points (LPP) against the field. LPP are points earned inverse to placement. For example, if 101 dogs compete, then the first place dog will earn 100 LPP. Consequently the aggregate LPP of the top five performing dogs for each club will determine that clubs score in each of the four competitions.

The league winner is determined by the highest accumulation of LPP over the course of the four Summer League competitions.

Eligibility: Dogs must be registered with Top Dog (this will be transitioned in time to registration with

Game Master: Course designers are selected by the invitation of the League Commissioner. Events (numbered courses or games) are the choice of the Game Master of record. The Game Master shall also establish the qualifying criteria and scoring basis for each event.

Rules Basis: Rules for performance are described in this document:

Distribution: Courses and briefings and score-keeping materials will be sent by email and attachment to member clubs and interested parties in the first week (or sooner) of the competition month. Courses and briefings shall also be published on the Internet, using Top Dog and National Dog Agility League Internet resources.

Eligibility of Dogs: Dogs must be registered with Top Dog Agility Players to record scores. The registration form can be found here:

Presently each host club is entitled to keep the registration fee (or pass it along as a perk to their local league players). The registration forms should be collected by the host club to record the waiver agreement with each league player.

Eligibility of Clubs: Any club is eligible for play. At present there is no entry or membership fee. A new club shall establish a National Dog Agility League franchise when league results are first submitted.

Reporting: Results must be reported within three days of the end of each month. The recording fee for each event (game or course) shall be $1.00. Find the Top Dog online payment processor HERE.

Results should be submitted by email attachment to:

Sweepstakes / Awards and Trophies: This mini-league shall neither feature a Sweepstakes distribution; nor awards and trophies.


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