August 2014 Challenge

TDAP Marquee

Top Dog Agility Players (TDAP) will publish each month at least one course or game to which any agility player in the world is invited to compete. These are the challenge courses. Scores for every dog who plays, no matter where in the world they played, will be rolled up into results as single event.

The Secretary’s Pick challenge course for the month of August, 2014 are published below! Whether you are a big club or an individual with a nice big back yard… set up these courses and play with us!

All dogs who play are eligible for agility titles awarded by the TDAP. These titles are described in Our Rules!

First Round Game: Steeplechase



This is a simple numbered course. The scoring basis is: Time, Plus Faults.

Follow the numbers, keep the bars up, hit the paint. And have fun.

Second Round Game: Time Warp




This is a simple game, run like a standard course. The Scoring Basis is Time, Plus Faults, Less Bonus. There is an opportunity on this course to earn a 50 point bonus which is subtracted from the Time, Plus Faults part of your score: If you can stay on the opposite side of the containment line through your dog’s performance of obstacles #12 through #15, then you will earn a 50 point bonus. Note that the bonus is not lost for any faults in the distance challenge.

Secretary’s Pick

The course will be used for the league challenge.


This is a standard course. The scoring basis is Faults, Then Time. Follow the numbers, keep the bars up, and hit the paint. And have fun.

Challenge League

For the fun of dog agility competition we are creating team league challenge. At this time an agility team is five dogs and five different handlers. A team will combine their scores on the monthly Secretaries Pick challenge course. The high scoring team each month wins.

To illustrate how a league event might work with lots of dogs: The premier event at Queen City Dog Training (August 5, 2014) will begin with two qualifying games or courses (the first two shown above). The five top scoring dogs, when their scores for the first two rounds are combined, will be designated the league team for the final round.

Even though everybody will get to play the final round (the third course, shown above); only the scores of the league team will count towards the league score.

The Agility Show

We’ll be filming the premier event at Queen City Dog Training (August 5, 2014). Hopefully within the week we will be streaming The Show on the internet. Everyone around the world who competes on the challenge course will get to compare their own efforts with the stars of the Queen City program.

At the same time, just so we don’t leave anyone out, we’ll make space on our Facebook page for everyone who competes to link to a YouTube of their pups performance!



Questions comments & impassioned speeches to Bud Houston Visit the web store at: Please note that the web store carries The Book of Agility Games. This is an important reference for any club who plays the variety of games that we’ll play in Top Dog Agility Players.


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