April 2022 IDAL League Courses

The following courses are for April 2022 IDAL play. This year, we are alternating between standard type courses and games. The league seasons will be 4 months long so that each season will have two numbered courses and two games. Additionally, each season will be a discreet unit. Results will be tallied for the season rather than an entire year; however, end of year results will also be reported.

Instructors, if you have some specific skills, scenarios, and/or obstacles you want to work when using the IDAL courses in class, please let me know. I will try my best to get them included. If anyone would like to request a specific game to play, let me know.

Folks are always welcome to try their hand at designing league courses!

Briefing for April 2022

The April 2022 courses are all similar. We are playing a designed by Cindy Valdez from Jumpin’ K-9’s in Temecula, California. I am calling it “Hop Into Spring.”  Scored Time, plus faults.

There are three sequences on the course. All three sequences must be completed, but they can be completed in any order. Before each sequence, the middle, unnumbered jump must be taken. The middle jump is bidirectional. The numbered obstacles must be taken in the order indicated. Standard course faults apply.

Dogs must start on the table. Handlers are permitted to lead out. Time starts when the first paw hits the ground and stops when the dog hits the table with any part of their body AFTER finishing all three sequences (or the handler gives up). If the dog takes the table at any time before completing all three sequences, it is merely counted as a wrong course. The team can continue to complete all the sequences. Standard course faults apply. Scored Time, Plus Faults.

Course Maps

Here is the cute little bunny Cindy used to create her game:

An Open Invitation to New Players

New clubs and individuals are always welcome to join us and play these courses. Download the scorekeeping worksheet/s below. Contact the League Secretary to help with the details at pagc.live@gmail.com.   

  • Existing league franchises will be emailed their scorekeeping worksheets set up with their current rosters. If you would like multiple scoresheets, just let me know.

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Questions, comments, snide remarks, and feedback go to Melissa Wallace, IDAL Secretary, at pagc.live@gmail.com.


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