Most Valuable Puppy (MVP) Fall 2015 Series NDAL

We are proud to announce the MVP of the Fall 2015 series of the National Dog Agility League:

The MVP dog is Kasey, a Border Collie handled by Laurie Bowen. Kasey scored 375 Lifetime Performance points, outscoring all other dogs in the league.

Kasey plays for Sit, Stay, ‘N Play in Stroudsburg, PA.

You can view the Top 100 dogs in the Fall 2015 Series: HERE.

Winter League Announcement

The 2015 Winter Series shall be only two months, using a 50′ x 50′ working space. The League Rules and Stipulations for the Winter Series shall be published no later than tomorrow.

The first game course map, scoring worksheet and current rosters will be sent out to existing franchise clubs on October 2. Any new club interested in joining play should contact the: League Secretary.

Time Stands Still

Click to download the November scorekeeping worksheet.

This is a game originally designed as a training protocol, specifically to teach and proof a 2-on/2-off contact performance. The training game has been elevated to a gritty game of competition.


Ostensibly this is a simple follow-the-numbers game. However, the game has special rules for timing. When the teeter has tipped (and is touching the floor) the time will stop. Once the dog leaves the ramp time will begin again.

Note that initially time begins when the dog first dismounts the teeter.

Since time is essential to the conduct of the game, the judge should personally carry and operate a stopwatch in order to use his own judgment in measuring the dog’s time to complete the course [and to what extent time stands still.]

Time Stands Still is scored Time, Plus Faults.

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