June 2022 60×90 Results

This post is for the results of the 60×90 League of the IDAL.  

If you would like to design courses for the league or learn how to design courses, give me a shout. I will add you to our group.

The efforts of dogs playing in June earn Lifetime Performance Points (LPP). The LPP is a measure of rank based on how each dog placed in relation to all the other dogs. The IDAL keeps a catalog of all the courses run since the league inception. When a course is run a second, third, fourth… time, the scores of ALL the dogs who have ever run the course are maintained in field. New runs are compared and ranked with the old runs. This ranking is a unique system in the agility world. It allows competitors to do such things as compare a current run to an older run by the same dog or visualize how handling has changed over the years. Honors (titles) are conferred based on the total LPP of a dog as well as the performance in each season.

60×90 Course for June 2022

Scored Time, plus Faults.

60×90 Regular Results

Follow the links below to view individual performances by dogs and their handlers.

Top Dogs

Top Dog Overall: Wick and Hannah Teegardin from POTC Thunder Pawz

2nd Place Dog: Kyria and Kathy Greenwayfrom Jumping C Crew

3rd Place Dog: Matia and Kathy Greenwayfrom Jumping C Crew

Top Dogs for Each Club:

Jumpin’ K-9’s: Mutya and Felipe Zanartu

Jumping C Crew: Kyria and Kathy Greenway

K9 Powersports: Kate and Jennifer Richardson

POTC Thunder Pawz: Wick and Hannah Teegardin

Cloud 9: Navi and Ali Kuschel

60×90 Initiate/Dabbler Results

Top Dog Overall: Tyler and Vickie DeMenge from Jumping C Crew

Second Place Dog: Koda and Rebecca Siminou from Jumpin’ K-9’s

Third Place Dog: Mutya and Jovi Zanartu from Jumpin’ K-9’s


Questions comments & snide remarks should be directed to Melissa Wallace at pagc.live@gmail.com.All payments for the IDAL should be directed to this page: https://www.ultimuttds.com/payment-processing. Bud Houston’s Book of Games is available for download at https://www.ultimuttds.com/product-page/houston-s-book-of-agility-games. All donations from the sale will go to Bud Houston.


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