February 2022 50×70 Fast and Fun Results

Below are the results for the 50×70 League for February 2022. I was deeply conflicted by February’s results when I first started analyzing them in the 40×85 League.

First, I did not foresee a hoop as being an issue. I teach all dogs to wrap a cone from a distance as one of their first foundation exercises. Cones have many uses in practice and training. In one use, I use the cone as part of an obstacle, such as a jump stanchion, to transfer that cone send distance to a jump. I also use hoops in training because we have some folks locally who compete in NADAC and ASCA, and they are a great tool for young, older, or disabled/injured dogs who cannot or should not jump.

Second, I knew that some would do okay with distance and others would not. Games in many venues have distance challenges, and IDAL embraces agility games. I know that many folks do not compete in those venues, but even AKC has FAST (Forward and SEND Time). So, my conflict was in how to handle the scores. One club actually made it more difficult by adding a straight out jump. Sending a dog into the great beyond is kind of hard, so kudos to those who successfully did that send.

After much thought, repeated video review, attempted measurement of distances on videos, etc., I decided to just follow the briefing, but Initiates and Dabblers had the shorter send distance of 6 feet.

The February 2022 50×70 game was designed by Melissa Wallace and was modified from a TDAA trial in December 2021. The game is scored Time, plus Faults. The results are below.

If anyone would like to design courses for the league, let me know!!!

The efforts of dogs playing in February earn Lifetime Performance Points (LPP) based on the entire field of dogs who have competed on the course. The LPP is a measure of rank based on how they placed in relation to all the other dogs.

50×70 February 2022 Regular Course Results

Standings Regular 50×70

Follow this link to view individual performance by dogs and their handlers. Scores highlighted in yellow are the Initiates and Dabblers scored on the full 13 foot send. All are graced with a YouTube link:

Top Dog

The Top Dog of all the clubs reporting in February is Jasper. Jasper and Shana Goodwin of K9cation in Hudson, Colorado blasted the course with both sends, no faults in 21.78 seconds.

First-Place Team – 421 LPP

The first-place team in February is AQ4U’s Fast & Furryous out of Brooks, Kentucky. The top scoring dog was Peak, a Border Collie handled by Christina Wakefield. They finished this course getting both sends with zero faults in 22.18 seconds.

Second-Place Team – 411 LPP

K9cation out of Hudson, Colorado was our second-place team. Jasper, a Chocolate Labrador Retriever handled by Shana Goodwin, was on top once again. They finished the course getting both sends with zero faults in 21.78 seconds.

Third-Place Team – 359 LPP

PAWS4FUN in Ontario, Canada took third place. Dune, another Labrador was their top dog. Dune, handled by Catherine Woolham, finished the course with both sends and zero faults in 24.95 seconds.

Fourth-Place Team – 318 LPP

Jumping C Crew took fourth place. Alaska, an Australian Stumpy Tail, once again took their top spot. Handled by Liz Clements, they got both sends with zero faults in 22.94 seconds.

Fifth-Place Team – 301 LPP

K9 Powersports was our fifth-place team. Clover, an All American was top dog. Clover and Nancy Eaton finished the course with both sends and zero faults in 27.71 seconds.


Sixth-Place Team – 280 LPP

The All Breed Training Club of Akron in Tallmadge, Ohio was our sixth-place team. Savvy, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, and Cindy Fink took the top spot. They completed the course with both sends and zero faults in 23.23 seconds.

Seventh-Place Team – 219 LPP

Sport Dogs Jalisco in Mexico took seventh place. Amie, a Dabbler, got both sends with 5 faults in 25.57 seconds. Amie is handled by Nohemi Ramos. Great job!

Eighth-Place Team – 143 LPP

Clicker Pets from Jalisco, Mexico took eighth place. Camilla, a Border Collie handled Linda Hendy, took the top spot. They got both sends with zero faults in 42.31 seconds.

Results for Initiate and Dabbler Course

Follow the links below to view individual performances by dogs and their handlers. All have YouTube links:

Top Dog

The Top Dog for the month on the is Amie, a nice-looking Labrador handled by Nohemi Ramos. They run for Sport Dogs Jalisco. Some very nice handling there, Nohemi. They got both sends and ran the course with five faults in 25.57 seconds.

Second-Place Dog

The second-place dog is Endeavour, a Labrador handled by Catherine Woolham. They compete for PAWS4FUN in Ontario. They ran the course with zero faults in 34.48 seconds. Great work sticking with that first send.

Third-Place Dog  

The third-place dog was Kepler, a Miniature Poodle handled by Sheila Smail. They were able to get both sends in a total time of 36.63 seconds. They are also on the PAWS4FUN team.

 Notable Dog  

The top dog for Clicker Pets, another team from Mexico, was Suellen. Handled by Betty White, the team got both sends with zero faults in 60.24 seconds. This one is fun to watch.


Questions comments & snide remarks should be directed to Melissa Wallace at pagc.live@gmail.com.All payments for the IDAL should be directed to this page: https://www.ultimuttds.com/payment-processing. Bud Houston’s Book of Games is available for purchase at https://www.ultimuttds.com/product-page/houston-s-book-of-agility-games. All proceeds from the sale will go to Bud.


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