July 2021 60×90 Masters Results

The first month of the Summer Season is complete. This post is for the results of the 60×90 Masters League. Only two clubs were able to run this month. Summertime presents lots of scheduling issues for many of the clubs. One of our clubs is also relocating! Don’t worry; they will be back as soon as they can!

We have been using “historical” courses for a while now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This season, though, started with some NEW courses. I have asked our competitors to turn up the dial on their creative talents and design courses for everyone to play. While they were getting started, I designed this month’s courses so that we could compete on some new ones as promised.

The courses were initially inspired by the letter “E” from Nancy Gyse’s book Alphabet Drills, published in 2011 by Clean Run. I set up the letter for my beginner and intermediate students using different numbering based on each student’s skill. Interestingly, as I looked up the publication date for this blog, I flipped to the letter “E” and saw that she had also changed the exercise by adding a tunnel. You know what they say about brilliant minds!

If anyone would like to design courses for the league, let me know!!!

The efforts of dogs playing in July earn Lifetime Performance Points (LPP) based on the entire field of dogs who have competed on the course. The LPP is a measure of rank based on how they placed in relation to all the other dogs.

60×90 Masters July 2021 Results

The July 2021 60×90 Masters league was a numbered course designed by yours truly, Melissa Wallace. The course is scored Time, Plus Faults.


Follow the links to view individual performances by dogs and their handlers. Most of these are graced with a YouTube link:

Top Dog

The Top Dog of all the clubs reporting in July is from the first-place team, K9 Powersports out of Grand Junction, Colorado. Keiji, a Papillon handled by Geof Teare, took first place this month. They finished this course with zero faults in 34.1 seconds.

First-Place Team – 79 LPP

The first-place team in July was K9 Powersports out of Grand Junction, Colorado. Keiji, a Papillon handled by Geof Teare, took first place this month. They finished this course with zero faults in 34.1 seconds.

Second-Place Team – 76 LPP

POTC Thunder Pawz out of Brimfield, Illinois was our second-place team this month. Binx, another Papillono, took their top spot. Binx is handled by Barbara Scanlon. They finished this course with 0 faults in 35.89 seconds.

WOW! Team Tiny But Mighty took the top spots this month! Congrats to these handlers!

Spotlight Dog of the Month

Our spotlight dog of the month is Waco running for K9 Powersports out of Grand Junction, Colorado. Waco, a Belgian Sheepdog, is handled by Jim Farmer. They completed the course with 5 faults in 53.37 seconds. That was some great handling. I LOVE the distance and layering of those weaves!!!!

August 60×90 Masters League

New teams are always welcomed to join us for IDAL league play. You are welcome to join any of our ongoing leagues. The August 2021 International Dog Agility League games and courses have been published here:


Questions comments & snide remarks should be directed to Melissa Wallace at pagc.live@gmail.com.All payments for the IDAL should be directed to this page: https://www.ultimuttds.com/payment-processing. Bud Houston’s Book of Games is available for purchase at https://www.ultimuttds.com/product-page/houston-s-book-of-agility-games. All proceeds from the sale will go to Bud.


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