Change is in the Wind for the NDAL

Happy New Year!!

The National Dog Agility League begins a new season effective January 1, 2021. We emerge from a year of a dire COVID pandemic and considerable economic adventure, bordering on depression. A small number of NDAL Franchise clubs continue to play each month. We expect only modest recovery in 2021.

But we are determined to treat ourselves to a bit of fun and recreation where-ever we might find it. And we face the coming year with hope and optimism.


The “National” Dog Agility League will likely be rebranded as the “International” Dog Agility League in 2021. The IDAL will be uniquely positioned to conduct virtual competitions between teams around the world in a unique world championship format fitted to our times (for example, this is the ideal “social distancing” approach to dog agility competition.

New Team Member

We have invited Melissa Wallace to join the IDAL team as Teams Liaison and Director of Marketing. As Liaison between team captains Melissa will actively consult with the clubs who, as our Board of Governors, ultimately will make decisions that determine how league competition will be conducted. By extension, Melissa will direct marketing efforts and introduce league play to potential new clubs.

Payment Processing

At the end of January, 2021 we will effectively close down our current payment processing system at While we contemplate a new (possibly automated) payment processing system we will transition exclusively to a PayPal system of payment. We will make official announcement of the target PayPal address before league play begins in February, 2021.


Questions comments & impassioned speeches to Bud Houston Visit our web store: You’ll find in the web store The Book of Agility Games, a comprehensive reference to all manner of agility games played for competition and fun around the world. Last chance before the store closes!

One Response to “Change is in the Wind for the NDAL”

  1. jumpink9 Says:

    Looking forward to 2021 and always up for some good changes! We really enjoy NDAL and hope to see it blossom! Thanks so much and Happy New Year!

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