September 2020 50×70 Fast & Fun Results

Five clubs have reported results for the 50×70 Fast & Fun League in September.

We are using “historical” courses, which have been played before. The efforts of dogs playing in September earn Lifetime Performance Points (LPP), as the historical performances were ranked with the new performances. And LPP is a measure of rank.

50×70 Fast & Fun September 2020 Results

The September 2020 50×70 Fast & Fun league was a game called Call, Direct & Send, designed by Bud Houston. This game was first run in the NDAL in March of 2017.


Call Direct & Send is a simple sequencing game that features three opportunities for the dog to earn bonuses while the handler works at a distance. On this course the first bonus is the “Call”. The handler must lead out beyond jump #2 to start the dog; a 10-point bonus is earned if the dog performs the two jumps without fault, and doesn’t have to be reset by the handler.

The second bonus can be earned in the “Direct” sequence, #5 through #7. The dog earns the 10-point bonus so far as the three obstacles can be performed without fault. Be mindful that in the NDAL we fault refusals on contact obstacles.

A final bonus can be earned for the “Send”. A 10-point bonus will be earned if the dog will perform #10 through #12 without fault while the handler remains on the opposite side of the line.

Call, Direct & Send is scored Time, Plus Faults, Less Bonuses.


AQ4U continues to lead in the 50×70 Fast & Fun League.

Follow this link to view individual performance by dogs and their handlers. Most of these are graced with a YouTube link:


The Top Dog of clubs reporting in September represented AQ4U’s Fast & Furryous out of Brooks, Kentucky.  Legend, a Shetland Sheepdog handled by Lydia Robbins, finished the game with zero faults, earning 30 on the bonus in 22.23 seconds, for a final score of minus 7.77:

The top scoring dog for the second-place team, Paws4Fun Agility Club out of Kemptville, Ontario, Canada was Snow, a Siberian Husky handled by Lynn McGlashan. Snow and Lynn finished the game with zero faults, earning 30 on the bonus in 30.22 seconds, for a final score of 0.22:

The top scoring dog for the third-place team, High Sierra Canine Agility Club out of Markleeville, California was Charlie, a Kelpie handled by Colleen Reid. Charlie and Colleen finished the course with zero faults, earning 30 on the bonus in 28.27 seconds for a score of minus 1.73:

The team in fourth-place was Cloud Nine out of Maple Grove, Minnesota. This team might have scored higher, but fielded a team of only three dogs. The top scoring dog for Cloud Nine was Guppy, a Brussels Griffon handled by Kelly McFaul-Solem, who finished the game with zero faults, scoring 30 on the bonusin 28.47 seconds, for a score of minus 1.53:

A new NDAL franchise joined us in September, K9cation out of Hudson, Colorado. The top scoring dog for K9cation was Jasper, a Chocolate Lab handled by Shana Goodwin. Jasper and Shana finished the game with zero faults, scoring 20 on the bonus in 32 seconds for a final score of 12 flat:

October Courses and Beyond?

New teams are always welcome to join us for NDAL league play. You are welcome to join any of our four ongoing leagues. The October 2020 National Dog Agility League games and courses have been published here:

We will be publishing “historical” courses so long as the world is required to stay at home and maintain social distances that make organized sports difficult to play. These courses are appropriate for small groups and individuals that have the capacity to build full courses.


Questions comments & impassioned speeches to Bud Houston Visit our web store: You’ll find in the web store The Book of Agility Games, a comprehensive reference to all manner of agility games played for competition and fun around the world.


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