Garden League ~ Week 17 ~ August 2, 2020

You can find current and cumulative results for the Garden League here:


Week 17 continues the second series of the Garden League. All previous weeks remain open. New players can add their scores to any competition, and existing players can make up for games they have missed.

Your comments, questions and impassioned speeches are always welcome.

Everyone is welcome to join the NDAL Garden League.

Recording fees are very inexpensive. You can find those details in this document: Garden League Rules and Stipulations.

Week 17 ~ August 2, 2020 ~ Garden Gamblers

The Week 17 Garden League game shall be a Garden Snooker, designed by Bud Houston.



Garden Snooker departs slightly from the traditional game of Snooker. Garden Snooker is played in two parts: the opening, and the closing. All dogs will have 50 seconds to earn points.

In the Opening the dog will take the red #1 jump no more than three times. The red jump is worth 1 point. After each successful performance of the red jump the dog may earn additional points by attempting one of the obstacles numbered on the field. The sequence number of each obstacle is also its earned point value.

In the opening the #5 jump is bi-directional; the #7 obstacle can be taken in any order and direction. All other obstacles are scored based on the direction of performance.

On any obstacle fault (dropped bar or missed weave pole), the points for that obstacle are lost and the dog must be directed to the next performance of red jump, if any remain; or begin the closing sequence if no reds remain.

If the bar on the red hurdle is dropped, the opening sequence is finished, and the dog must be directed to begin the closing sequence.

If either: a dog commits to a numbered obstacle after dropping the red hurdle, OR the dog commits to more than one numbered obstacle after doing the red hurdle, the game is over. The handler should down the dog to stop time.

In the Closing the dog will run the numbered sequence, earning the points assigned to each obstacle by the sequence number. Scoring ceases on any obstacle fault, or when time expires, or after the dog has finished the #7 obstacle in the closing; whereupon the handler must “down” the dog to end time.

In the closing the #2 jump is bi-directional. All other obstacles must be performed in the numbered direction.

Garden Snooker is scored Points, Then Time.

Please note, under NDAL rules, refusals are never faulted on non-contact obstacles.


The baseline is taken from center-right on this course map.


Catalog of Garden League Games

New players may go back and pick up courses played from the beginning of the league. New scores will be added to results. YouTube recordings are not required but are encouraged.

First Series


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