Garden League ~ Week 16 ~ July 26, 2020

You can find current and cumulative results for the Garden League here:


Week 16 continues the second series of the Garden League. All previous weeks remain open. New players can add their scores to any competition, and existing players can make up for games they have missed.

Your comments, questions and impassioned speeches are always welcome.

Everyone is welcome to join the NDAL Garden League.

Recording fees are very inexpensive. You can find those details in this document: Garden League Rules and Stipulations.

Week 16 ~ July 26, 2020 ~ Garden Gamblers

The Week 16 Garden League game shall be a Garden Gamblers, the invention of Dennis Vogel.



The game starts when the dog crosses the start line in either direction. Points are accumulated for each obstacle taken without fault. Tunnel and Weave poles can be taken only twice for points, not including when they are taken in the distance challenge.

Jumps can be taken an unlimited number of times for points. Obstacles cannot be taken back to back.

Obstacle values are:

  • Jumps 1 point,
  • tunnel 3 points,
  • weaves 5 points.

There are two distance challenges, both are bidirectional. Each can be taken once for points:

  • 1, 2, 3 worth 15 points and
  • A, B, C, worth 10 points.

Point accumulation time is 35 seconds and the total game time ends when the dog assumes a down. Faulted jumps remain out of play for the remainder of the game.

Garden Gamblers is scored points then time.


A “distance challenge” assigns a bonus value for the obstacles in it. The dog earns only the bonus (and not the bonus plus simple values of obstacles).

If a “distance challenge” is faulted (stepping over the line, dropped bar, wrong course, missed weave pole) then obstacles revert to their simple value. As each “distance challenge” can be taken only once, the faulted attempt does not count as having used up the one-time opportunity.

This Gamblers variation is unique in the agility world. This is a game is played in a small space and given a short period of time to play, and YET has an impressive mass of rules to confound the mind.



The baseline is taken from center-left on this course map.

Catalog of Garden League Games

New players may go back and pick up courses played from the beginning of the league. New scores will be added to results. YouTube recordings are not required but are encouraged.


First Series



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