Garden League ~ Week 5 ~ May 10, 2020

You can find cumulative results for the Garden League here:


The NDAL is hard at work creating methods and practices for reporting. Your comments, questions and impassioned speeches are always welcome.


Join the Garden League!

Everyone is welcome to join the NDAL Garden League. We intend to operate this league at least so long as many of are confined to our own homes and back gardens.

You will likely be interested in the nitty gritty details for how the league will operate, how teams are formed, and how much it will cost. You can find those details in this document: Garden League Rules and Stipulations.


Week 5 ~ May 10, 2020 ~ Tunnel Jacks


Tunnel Jacks is a dog’s choice game. Jumps are worth 1 point, and the weave poles are worth 3 points. The tunnel has no point value, and represents the bounce of the ball, as in the children’s game of jacks. Time begins with the bounce (dog enters the tunnel). After the first bounce the dog has onsies and must pick-up one point; after the second bounce the dog has twosies and must pick-up two points. After the third bounce the dog has threesies, and so it goes until scoring time expires or, the dog has scored sevensies.

Scoring time expires at 60 seconds. Time stops when the dog assumes a down position.

On any fault the dog must bounce again (do the tunnel) and the retry the required pick-up. Faults include:

  • Dropped bar (jump is out-of-play for the duration)
  • Missed weave pole
  • Picking up more points after a bounce than the current pick-up requires
  • Entering the tunnel with fewer points than the current pick-up requires

There are no prohibition or stipulation as to order and direction of obstacles. Back-to-back is allowed… or even back-to-back-to-back.

If scoring time expires after the dog has started a pick-up, points earned for completed obstacles are converted to a decimal value in the score. For example if the dog is working sixies and has completed two jumps when time expires, then the dog’s score shall be 5.2.

Tunnel Jacks is scored: Points, Then Time.


Catalog of Garden League Games

During our start-up new players may go back and pick up courses played from the beginning of the league. New scores will be added results.



The document: Garden League Rules and Stipulations contains our initial attempt to define how on ongoing virtual competition might work. Some of our methodologies will have to be learned as we go along.



Questions comments & impassioned speeches to Bud Houston Visit our web store: You’ll find in the web store The Book of Agility Games, a comprehensive reference to all manner of agility games played for competition and fun around the world.


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