54×70 Games 2019 December Results

The final month of the NDAL 54×70 Games league, Fall series, featured a game called Lucky 13, designed by game master Dennis Vogel. Mr. Vogel has offered an apology for his choice of this game, given the exquisitely maddening demands of score-keeping imposed by the game.


The object of Lucky 13 is to collect as many points as possible while correctly performing a total of 13 obstacles – no more, no less – with the thirteenth obstacle being the tire. The course design is up to the handler. Each obstacle is assigned a value indicated by the cone next to it. Some obstacles may have two different point values indicated by the cones.

Scoring begins when the dog crosses the start line and ends at 55 seconds. Total game time stops when the dog goes on the table which is not counted as an obstacle.


  • If the dog correctly performs more than 13 obstacles (unique numbers), only the first 13 count for points;
  • Each obstacle done correctly over OR under incurs a special fault;
  • Each bi-directional obstacle (as indicated on the course map) may be done once in each direction for points. Each direction correctly performed will count as one of the thirteen obstacles (unique numbers) required.
  • Repeated obstacles (numbers) will not count for the obstacle count or assigned obstacle points;
  • The tire must be the thirteenth obstacle, performed in either direction, to avoid a special fault.
  • The table is live at all times and stops the clock. No specific position is required on the table to stop the clock.

Notes on faulted obstacles:

  • Each faulted obstacle incurs 5 faults (missed contacts, knocked bars, etc.) and there is no failure to perform faults;
  • A faulted obstacle is not included in the count of 13 obstacles to be performed; and may not be repeated for points.

Notes on special faults ~ Ten point faults assessed for:

  • Each obstacle more or less than the required 13, and;
  • The tire not being the thirteenth obstacle.

Lucky 13 is scored Points, Less Faults, Then Time. The dog with the most points is the winner.  Time is a tie-breaker only.



Follow this link to view individual performance by dogs and their handlers. Most of these are graced with a YouTube link:



Country Dream Agility Wins the Fall 2019 54×70 Games League

Country Dream Agility out of Waterford, Ohio won each month of the Fall series, and so wins the Fall series in convincing fashion. Congratulations Country Dream Agility!


Top Dog

The Top Dog in the December 54×70 games league represented K9 Manners & More out of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. The Top Dog honors were won by Hotch, a Border Collie handled by Frances Scriminger. Hotch and Frances finished the game scoring 182 points (the maximum possible) in 25.99 seconds:


First Place Team

Country Dream Agility in Waterford, Ohio earned a solid win in December, taking four of the top five placements. The top scoring dog for Country Dreams was Phoenix, a Border Collie handled by Bud Houston. Phoenix and Bud finished the game with 182 points in 30.09 seconds:


Second Place Team

K9 Manners & More out of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma finished in second place in the December Games competition, narrowly out of first place. The top scoring dog for this club has already been featured. The second highest scoring dog for K9 Manners was Picket, a Miniature Poodle handled by Rebecca Reordan. Picket and Rebecca finished the game with 182 points in 33.15 seconds:


Third Place Team

All Breed Training Club Of Akron (out of Tallmadge, Ohio) managed a third place finish in December. The stop scoring dog for ABTC was Shelby, an Aussie handled by Steve Bagstad. Shelby and Steve finished the game with 180 points in 25.03 seconds:


Worth Watching

Agility Dream Dogs out of Albion, New York finished fourth in the December game, but managed a third-place finish in the Fall series. The top scoring dog for Dream Dogs was Bebe, an Australian Cattle Dog handled by Michael Hughson. Bebe and Michael finished the game with 181 points in 21.93 seconds:


The top scoring dog for Sport Dogs Jalisco out of Guadalajara, Mexico was Cody, a Bichon handled by Maria Elena Perez. Cody and Maria Elena finished the game with 172 points in 42.18 seconds:


January Courses

New teams are always welcome to join us for NDAL league play. You are welcome to join any of our four ongoing leagues. The January 2020 National Dog Agility League games and courses have been published here:




Questions comments & impassioned speeches to Bud Houston Houston.Bud@gmail.com. Visit our web store: www.dogagility.org/newstore. You’ll find in the web store The Joker’s Notebook, a series of workbooks dedicated to teaching agility dogs and their handlers to work at a distance apart.


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