54×70 Games League Nov 2019 Results

The second month of the NDAL 54×70 Games league, Fall series, featured a game called Puppy Cannon, designed by Bud Houston.


Puppy Cannon is a fast and furious game of handling, often used as a training game but suitable as a game of competition for top competitors.


The objective of Puppy Cannon is for the dog to do three of the numbered sequences shown on the course map. The sequences can be taken in any order. The dog starts on the table and must begin with the pipe tunnel (the Puppy Cannon) before the performance of each of the three sequences.

Each sequence is bi-directional and all obstacles within the sequence are bi-directional.

After the final sequence the dog can go directly to the table to stop time or transition through the pipe tunnel (without penalty) to get to the table.

Note that the table is not “live” for ending time until the final sequence has been completed. A dog getting on the table before it is live, would be deemed a wrong course (5 faults).


Puppy Cannon is scored Time, Plus Faults. The dog with the lowest score wins.




Follow this link to view individual performance by dogs and their handlers. Most of these are graced with a YouTube link:



Top Dog

The Top Dog in the November 54×70 Games league represented Agility Dream Dogs out of Albion, New York. Chase, a Sheltie handled by Lydia Hofmann finished with Top Dog honors in Puppy Cannon! Chase and Lydia finished the game with zero faults in 31.42 seconds:


First Place Team

Agility Dream Dogs out of Albion, New York won the November Games League competition and moved up into first place in the Fall series. The second-place dog overall, and second-place for Agility Dream Dogs was Bebe, an Australian Cattle Dog handled by Michael Hughson. Bebe and Michael finished the game with zero faults in 32.1 seconds:


Second Place Team

Country Dream Agility in Waterford, Ohio finished in second-place in November, and moved down to second-place in the Fall series. The top scoring dog for Country Dream was Phoenix, a Border Collie handled by Bud Houston. Phoenix and Bud finished the game with zero faults in 39.33 seconds:


Third Place Team

K9 Manners & More out of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma finished in third, not far behind the second-place team.

The top scoring dog for K9 Manners was Hotch, a Border Collie handled by Frances Scriminger. Hotch and Frances finished the game with zero faults in 34.05 seconds:


Worth Watching

The top scoring dog for Sport Dogs Jalisco out of Guadalajara, Mexico was Harry, a Parson Rusell Terrier handled by Omar Alarcón. Harry and Omar finished the game with zero faults in 41.06 seconds:


The top scoring dog for All Breed Training Club Of Akron out of Tallmadge, Ohio Savvy, a Toller handled by Cindy Fink. Savvy and Cindy finished the game with 5 faults in 40.65 seconds:


December Courses

New teams are always welcome to join us for NDAL league play. You are welcome to join any of our four ongoing leagues. The December 2019 league games and courses have been published here:





Questions comments & impassioned speeches to Bud Houston Houston.Bud@gmail.com. Visit our web store: www.dogagility.org/newstore. You’ll find in the web store The Joker’s Notebook, a series of workbooks dedicated to teaching agility dogs and their handlers to work at a distance apart.


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