54×70 Games 2019 October Results

The first month of the NDAL 54×70 Games league, Fall series, featured a game called Pole Jacks, designed by Bud Houston.


Pole Jacks is like the children’s game of jacks. Doing the weave poles is the bounce obstacle. First bounce, then pick up one point; bounce, and pick up two points… and so forth until time expires. Dogs have 50 seconds. Time begins at first legal entry into weave poles; time ends at the table.

On any fault the dog must bounce again (do the weave poles) and reattempt the number for the pick-up.

Jumps are 1 point; tunnels 3, the A-frame 5. The score is the highest number picked up. Points for a partial pick-up convert to a decimal value.

Pole Jacks is scored points, then time.


Follow this link to view individual performance by dogs and their handlers. Most of these are graced with a YouTube link:



Top Dog

The Top Dog in the October 54×70 games league represented Agility Dream Dogs out of Albion, New York. Chase, a Sheltie handled by Lydia Hofmann. Chase and Lydia finished with 6.4 points in 48.32 seconds:


First Place Team

Country Dream Agility in Waterford, Ohio earned a very narrow win in October. The top scoring dog for Country Dreams was Katniss, a Mix handled by Bud Houston. Katniss and Bud finished the game with 6 points in 55.5 seconds:


Second Place Team

Agility Dream Dogs out of Albion, New York finished second in the October game, close on the heels of the first-place team. As the Top Dog in October has already been featured, next highest score from this team was earned by Suka, a Sheltie handled by Della Sliker. Suka finished the game with 6 points in 50.46 seconds:


Third Place Team

K9 Manners & More out of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma finished in third, not far behind the second-place team.

The top scoring dog for K9 Manners was Cody, a Mini American Shepherd handled by Gary Reeves. Cody and Gary finished the game with 5.4 points in 55.74 seconds:


November Courses

New teams are always welcome to join us for NDAL league play. You are welcome to join any of our four ongoing leagues. The November 2019 league games and courses have been published here:




Questions comments & impassioned speeches to Bud Houston Houston.Bud@gmail.com. Visit our web store: www.dogagility.org/newstore. You’ll find in the web store The Joker’s Notebook, a series of workbooks dedicated to teaching agility dogs and their handlers to work at a distance apart.


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