October 2019 NDAL League Courses

NDAL leagues typically run a numbered course each month, especially since we’ve introduced the 54×70 Games league. As the others have been deprived of the opportunity to play games more interesting than follow-the-numbers… we are determined this month to play an interesting game in each of our four ongoing leagues.

Following is a preview of the October 2019 games for NDAL league play. October is the first month of the Fall series.

54X70 Games

The Fall series of the 54×70 Games league Begins with the game Pole Jacks.



Pole Jacks is like the children’s game of jacks. The weave poles is the bounce of the ball. The dog must first “bounce” (do the weave poles), then pick up one point; then “bounce”, and pick up two points… and so forth until time expires.

The most a dog may score in this game is 7 points! So, if a dog has 7 points he must be directed to the table to stop time, whether or not time remains on the clock.

Dogs have 50 seconds. Time begins at first legal entry into weave poles; time ends at the table.

On any fault the dog must bounce again (do the weave poles) and reattempt the number for the pick-up. Faults include things like:

  • Dropping a bar
  • Missing a contact
  • Doing any obstacle back-to-back
  • Doing any obstacle more than twice in the same pick-up
  • Picking up more points than the pick-up demanded
  • Returning to the weave poles with less than the pick-up demanded.

Jumps are 1 point; tunnels 3, the A-frame 5. The score is the highest number picked up. Points for a partial pick-up convert to a decimal value.


Pole Jacks is scores points, then time.


50×70 Fast & Fun

The Fall Series for the 50×70 Fast & Fun league begins with a game called Looper.


The briefing for this game is included on the course map.


60×90 Masters

The Fall Series for the 60×90 Masters league begins with the game Call, Direct & Send.



Call, Direct & Send is a numbered course that contains three distance challenges that will earn the dog bonus points if performed without fault. Each Bonus is worth 10 points.

Call – Handler leads out and calls the dog over jumps #1 and #2;

Direct – Handler remains on other side of containment as the dog does #6 and #7;

Send – Handler remains behind line while sending the dog for jumps #17 to #19.


Call, Direct & Send is scored Time, Plus Faults, Less Bonuses.


36X85 Fast & Fun

The Fall series for the 36×85 Fast & Fun league begins with the game Louganis (Looper variation).



This is a combination of two games: Louganis and Looper.

Louganis – The dog will earn 10 bonus points if the handler can lead out past the first line before the dog gets four paws onto the dogwalk; and another 10 points if the handler can lead out past the second line.

Looper – The dog will run the numbered sequence twice, excepting that the dog must be on the table when the handler attempts a lead-out for the second try at Louganis (and earn more bonus points). The clock stops when the dog is on the table, and runs when the dog is off the table.

Time begins when the dog initially steps a foot onto the dogwalk. Time ends at the table after the second running of the numbered sequence.

If a handler returns to the dog to reset a broken stay, the bonus opportunity is lost. In the second attempt at the numbered sequence beginning at the table, the dog will earn a standard fault for jumping off the table only if the handler directs the dog to get back on the table.


Louganis is scored Time, Plus Faults, Less Bonuses.


An Open Invitation to New Players

New clubs are always welcome to join ongoing play. Download the scorekeeping worksheet below; contact the League Secretary to help with the details at  Houston.Bud@gmail.com.

Existing league franchises will be emailed their scorekeeping worksheets set up with their current rosters.


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