60×90 Masters 2019 Summer Series Begins

The first month of the NDAL 60×90 Masters league Summer series featured a numbered course.


A numbered course is scored Time, Plus Faults.


As many as six league franchises are sitting out the heat of summer. This occurs every year. Consequently, numbers will be down for the Summer Series.


Follow this link to view individual performance by dogs and their handlers. Most of these are graced with a YouTube link:


First Place Team

Clermont County All Breed All Stars in Milford, Ohio positively dominated the competition in July, scoring the top either of the top ten scores.

The Top Dog in the 60×90 in July, representing Clermont County was Leela, a Border Collie handled by Brenda Gilday. Leela and Brenda finished this course with zero faults in 31.57 seconds:

Second Place Team

The competition for second place is fierce, with four teams with a 15 point span. Country Dream Agility out of Waterford, Ohio finished in second-place in July. The top scoring dog for Country Dream was Phoenix, a Border Collie handled by Bud Houston, finishing the course with zero faults in 36.1 seconds:

Third Place Team

Lucky Dog Agility out of Winterville, Georgia finished in third-place, and only two points out of second.

The top scoring dog for Lucky Dog was Seelie, an Australian Shepherd handled by Elaine Boris. Seelie and Elaine finished this course with zero faults in 44.38 seconds:

Fourth Place Team

POTC Thunder Pawz from Brimfield, Illinois finished in four-place, only two points out of third.

The top scoring dog for POTC was Trixie, an All American handled by Valerie Doubet. Trixie and Valerie finished the course with zero faults in 52 seconds:

Fifth Place Team

K9 Powersports out of Grand Junction, Colorado finished the month in fifth-place, yet still in the hunt for second place.

The top scoring dog for K9 Powersports was Keiji, a Papillon handled by Geoff Teare. Keiji and Geoff finished the course with zero faults in 39.42 seconds:

Sixth Place Team

High Sierra Canine Agility Club out of Markleeville, California finishes the month in sixth-place.

The top scoring dog for High Sierra was Charlie, a Kelpie handled by Colleen Reid. Charlie and Colleen finished with course with 5 faults in 41.76 seconds:

Seventh Place Team

Sport Dogs Jalisco in Guadalajara, Mexico posted the lowest score in July. To be fair, Sports Dogs had a difficult month logistically Nohemi Ramos, one of the team captains, writes: “July and August are summer vacations and people take time off to travel or be with visiting family.  It is also rainy season, fields get muddy, roads get pot holes and so some people just prefer not to run under these conditions.”

The top scoring dog for Sport Dogs Jalisco was Cody, a Bichon handled by Maria Elena Perez. Cody and Maria Elena finished the course with 10 faults in 73.65 seconds:

This club runs all four of the NDAL leagues. The day they ran the 60×90 must have been a very tough day logistically, as they barely put together a full team.

Looking Back

You can find the 60×90 Masters league June 2019 Results, the final month of the Spring series, here:

Standings 060119C60x90

NDAL games and courses for August, the second month of the Summer series, have been published here:




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