54×70 Games 2019 Summer Series Begins

The first month of the NDAL 54×70 Games league, Summer series, featured a game called Last of the Mohicans, designed by Bud Houston.


Last of the Mohicans is scored Points, Then Time.

League Secretary’s Note

Sometimes learning a new game can be a painful experience. Most of our participating clubs submitted scores that did not give faults where they should have been applied.

And so, we put together a small team to review every YouTube video in the competition and re-scored every performance.

From the briefing (On the course map) The dog will lose a point on any of these events:

  1. The handler stops moving (while the dog is not on the table);
  2. The dog’s path crosses itself;
  3. The dog runs past an obstacle and the handler returns to the dog to try again.
  4. The dog touches the A-frame.

The fault that was most commonly missed was #2 in this list of faults; though, a dropped bar or two, and the handler stopping, or correcting a missed obstacle were occasionally missed in the scoring.

And so, the results might have been considerably different for more than one club had the rules been more completely understood by everyone. But next time we play this game, we will be more prepared.



Follow this link to view individual performance by dogs and their handlers. Most of these are graced with a YouTube link:


First Place Team

Country Dream Agility out of Waterford, Ohio proved to be the team that most understood the interesting rules associated with Last of the Mohicans. The top scoring dog for Country Dream was ended in fourth-place overall: Phoenix, a Border Collie handled by Bud Houston finished the game with 9 points in 20 seconds flat:

Second Place Team

K9 Manners & More Broken Arrow, Oklahoma finished the July competition only slightly behind the first place team.

The top scoring dog for K9 Manners was Flicka, a Border Collie handled by Frances Scriminger. Flicka placed second overall, finishing the game with all 9 points in 18.62 seconds:

In third place overall was Frances Scriminger’s dog Hotch, a Border Collie that finished the game with 9 points in 19.61 seconds:

Third Place Team

The Top Dog in July represented the third-place team overall, Agility Dream Dogs, out of Albion, New York.

Lydia Hofmann’s Chase, a Sheltie finished the game with 9 points and a fast 17.27 seconds. No YouTube video was available.

Fourth Place Team

Sport Dogs Jalisco out of Guadalajara, Mexico placed fourth overall. Sports Dogs struggled somewhat to apply the rules and actually might have been our first-place team except for turning dogs in the wrong direction on a jump… which could have been easily avoided.

You live and you learn.

The top scoring dog for Sports Dogs Jalisco was Harry, a Parson Rusell Terrier handled by Omar Alarcón. Harry and Omar finished the game scoring all 9 points in 21.8 seconds:

Fifth Place Team

All Breed Training Club Of Akron finished in fifth-place. It’s worth noting that only 50 points separate the first and fifth-place teams. This competition is very close.

The top scoring dog for ABTC was Savvy, a Toller handled by Cindy Fink. Savvy and Cindy finished the game scoring all 9 points in 23.28 seconds:

… And Sixth Place

Matrix Dog out of Westminster, Colorado finished July in last place. Note that Matrix reported only four dogs. And as team scores are comprised of the top five dogs in each club, Matrix lost points by not having a fifth.

The top scoring dog for Matrix Dog was Dottie, a Danish Swedish Farmdog handled by Jennifer Giacchi. Dottie and Jennifer finished the game scoring 9 points in 21.61 seconds:

Looking Back

You can find the 54×70 Games league June 2019 results, the final month of the Spring series, here:

Standings 060119A54x70


New clubs are always welcome to establish NDAL franchises. For more information contact the NDAL League Secretary, Bud Houston houston.bud@gmail.com

We currently run four ongoing leagues based on footprint (size of the field) and the complexity and nature of the challenge.

NDAL games and courses for August, the second month of the Summer series, have been published here:



Questions comments & impassioned speeches to Bud Houston Houston.Bud@gmail.com. Visit our web store: www.dogagility.org/newstore. You’ll find in the web store The Book of Agility Games, a comprehensive reference to all manner of agility games played for competition and fun around the world.


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