NDAL 50×70 Fast & Fun July 2017 League Results


The NDAL 50×70 Fast & Fun July 2017 League featured a numbered course designed by Dennis Vogel. This month begins the Summer Series which shall run for three months, July through September, 2017.

The top scoring dog in the 50×70 Fast & Fun was Ripley, a Border Collie handled by Nic Ford. Ripley finished this course with zero faults in a time of 29.83 seconds, and earned 164 Lifetime Performance Points (LPP). Ripley and Nic play for Wicked West Australians in Banjup, Western Australia.

However, Wicked West Australians did not win the July 50×70 Fast & Fun league.

The second place dog in July was Sumo, a Staffie Cross handled by Roche Compaan. Sumo finished this course with zero faults in a time of 30.44 seconds, and earned 163 LPP. Sumo and Roche play for United Colours of Agility in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Neither did United Colours of Agility win the July 50×70 Fast & Fun league.

The top scoring team for July was AQ4U’s Fast & Furryous in Louisville, KY. The third place scoring dog then, was Trooper, an American Eskimo handled by Alex Embry. Trooper finished this course with zero faults in a time of 30.63 seconds, earning 162 LPP. Trooper and Alex play for AQ4U’s Fast & Furryous.

You can view the detail of the 50×70 Fast & Fun League for July, complete with YouTube recordings of most runs… HERE.


Secretaries Notes: We had two clubs decline to play in the month of July on account of the oppressive heat of Summer! We also had a club rejoin the NDAL for play in the 50×70 Fast & Fun league ~ Pine Meadows Dog Training Club in South Boardman, MI.

Please accept these results as preliminary as there are often adjustments or corrections after the initial posting. Any adjustment or correction will be reflected in next month’s reporting. We will NOT repost July results for every minor tweak.

NDAL 50×70 Fast & Fun August 2017 Preview



This is a numbered course. Follow the numbers, keep the bars up, and hit the paint. Refusals are faulted on contact obstacle only. A numbered course is scored Time, Plus Faults.

New players are always welcome in the NDAL

If you would like to join us for play in August you can download the scorekeeping worksheet here:


Dogs are required to be registered with the NDAL to be eligible for play. You can download the registration form here:


You are bound to have questions about how we work. Please direct these questions to the NDAL League Secretary ~ Bud Houston Houston.Bud@gmail.com.

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Questions comments & impassioned speeches to Bud Houston Houston.Bud@gmail.com. Visit our web store: www.dogagility.org/newstore. You’ll find in the web store The Book of Agility Games, a comprehensive reference to all manner of agility games played for competition and fun around the world.


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