Summer 2016 NDAL 36×85 Fun & Flowing Final Results

The 36×85 Fun & Flowing course was a fun tangle of tunnel performances and a bit of a riddle in terms of course memorization. The 36×85 Fun & Flowing league is the newest and smallest league in the NDAL, custom made for clubs with this unique long and narrow floor space!


You can view Final Results: HERE

1st Place Team

The winning team is Wicked West Australians out of Banjup, Western Australia. This team won all three months of the Summer 36×85 League Series, and earned 768 Lifetime Performance Points. The Top Dog for September was predictably out of Wicked West Australians. This was Ripley, a Border Collie handled by Nic Ford. Ripley finished this course with zero faults in a time of 28.24 seconds:

2nd Place Team

The second place team in the 36×85 Fun and Flowing was Country Dream Agility out of Waterford, OH. This team earned 557 LPP. The top performing dog for Country Dream in September was Kory, a Border Collie run by Bud Houston. Kory finished this course with zero faults in a time of 34.39 seconds:

3rd Place Team

Third place in the 36×85 Fun and Flowing League was United Colours of Agility out of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. This team started play in September, earning 381 LPP; demonstrating that they will contend in this league. The top scoring dog for United Colours was Gemma, a Border Collie handled by Susan Dawson. Gemma finished this course with zero faults in a time of 30.46 seconds. There was no YouTube recording for this performance!

A Team to Watch

Rosetree DTC out of Lexington, KY. This team earned 262 LPP in the Summer League. Rosetree’s top performing dog in September was Finn, a Miniature Australian Shepherd handled by Teri Landry. Finn finished this course with zero faults in a time of 35.63 seconds:

It is worth noting that the 35×85 Fun & Flowing league was started specifically for Rosetree Dog Training Club. The club plays in an unusual working space. The National Dog Agility Leagues essential mission is to provide an agility experience that is inexpensive and accessible! We are gratified that other clubs are taking note of this interesting league space and taking time to play with us.

Start of the Fall 2016 36×85 Masters League

New clubs are invited to establish an NDAL franchise at any time. The cost for playing is ridiculously low. You can download the October 60×90 Masters NDAL score-keeping worksheet: HERE


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