Clermont County All Stars and Team Canada Results

Clermont County All Breed All Stars in Milford, OH and Team Canada in Edmonton, Alberta Canada have reported results for the first game of the winter 2015 series of the National Dog Agility League.

You can view those results here: NOV RESULTS.

The competition is heating up!

We’re not quite ready to call an end to the November competition. I expect results from at least one more club this evening. Final results will roll out tomorrow.

A briefing for the game “Time Stands Still” is included below.

Jumping in to the League

If you have interested in jumping into League Play, the November workbook for the first game of the winter series can be downloaded HERE. We’ll be accepting results for this event through the end of the day, November 30th.



Time Stands Still

Ostensibly this is a simple follow-the-numbers game. Howwever, the game has special rules for timing. When the teeter has tipped (and is touching the floor) the time will stop. OPnce the dog leaves the ramp, time will begin again.

Note that initially time begins with the dog first dismounts the teeter.

Since time is essential to the conduct of the game, the judge should personally carry and operate a stopwatch in order to use his own judgment in measuring the dogs time to complete the course [and to what extent time stands still.]

Time Stands Still is scored Time, Plus Faults.

Blog1074 NDAL

Questions comments & impassioned speeches to Bud Houston The web store is up and running. You’ll find in the web store The Book of Agility Games, an invaluable reference to clubs engaged in league play.


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