October League ~ A Numbered Course

The final course of the summer series is a numbered course designed by Game Master Steve Schwarz.


Each of league clubs will get the scorekeeping workbook for October with their current rosters upon submitting the September league results. For anyone who’d like to establish a new league franchise download the scorekeeping workbook HERE.

The Catalog of Games

As league participation increases some clubs might be interested in weekly competitions that coincide with regularly scheduled classes.

With this in mind, the Catalog of Games has been updated with all National Dog Agility League games and courses that have published results. The courses are organized by the size of the field; so it should be relatively easy to find a challenging game or course that fits in your working space. Download the Catalog of Games HERE.

If dog agility is to remain a game we play with our dogs and our friends, we first want to shift the focus away from the infrequent and costly qualifying attempt to a light-hearted and weekly romp in the park. As well as being just plain fun, it league play also serves to strengthen relationships with our dogs. As we lighten up and get more chances to play the game, our mood lifts, our nerves settle, and our dogs have a much better time.

Running a league sounds very involved and time-consuming. But the benefits far outweigh your efforts. A wonderful sense of community is built around league teams. And every league course presents an abundance of training objectives.

Jumping in to the League

If you have interested in jumping into League Play, you still have time to play on the first course of the summer league. The workbook can be downloaded here: September League.

While it is too late to compete in the summer league, you are invited to run that course and record your scores with all previous competitors. The August workbook can be downloaded here: August League

The score-keeping workbook for the out-of-league course can be downloaded here: Pick-up Game

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Questions comments & impassioned speeches to Bud Houston Houston.Bud@gmail.com. The web store is up and running. www.dogagility.org/newstore. You’ll find in the web store The Book of Agility Games, an invaluable reference to clubs engaged in league play.


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