August League Final Results Notice

Results have been submitted by: In Contact Dog Training (Springfield, IL); Dachshund Hill Agility (New Glarus, WI); and Sit, Stay ‘n Play (Stroudsburg, PA) in the August competition of the summer series.

In Contact Dog Training is a small club, managing to compete admirably with bigger franchise clubs. In Contact Dog Training does a great job including YouTube recordings with their results. It’s fun to watch what how handlers and dogs in other parts of the world managed this trickier-than-it-looks Helter Skelter.

Both Dachshund Hill and Sit, Stay ‘n Play are new to the National Dog Agility League. We’d like to extend a special welcome to these franchise clubs! We’re thrilled to have you in the league.

These new results are included with previously reported results. These are the final results. Reporting is closed.

Download Current Standings.


Jumping in to the League

If you have interested in jumping into League Play, you can still play on the first course of the summer league; but under our league rules results submitted after August 31 cannot be counted towards league standing. The workbook can be downloaded here: August League

The score-keeping workbook for the out-of-league course can be downloaded here: Pick-up Game

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Questions comments & impassioned speeches to Bud Houston The web store is up and running. You’ll find in the web store The Book of Agility Games, an invaluable reference to clubs engaged in league play.


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