August League Results Notice ~ Country Dream

Results have been submitted by Country Dream, Waterford, Ohio in the August competition of the summer series. These are the first results to be reported:

Fname Lname Dog Jhgt Fault Time Bonus Score YouTube
Bud Houston Kory 20 0 27.66 20 7.66
Marsha Houston Cedar 12 0 46.27 0 46.27
Marsha Houston Phoenix 20 20 37.38 10 47.38
Joan Birkinbine Nile 20 5 45.55 0 50.55
Melissa Holmes Prim 20 10 50.07 0 60.07
Jennifer Goudy Koda 16 25 40.47 0 65.47
Carol Mueller Pita 24 5 64.41 0 69.41
Dennis McHenry Ranger 16 20 63.94 0 83.94


This is a fun course, designed as a Helter Skelter. The Book of Agility Games says “In the U.K., there is a dog agility class called Helter Skelter. The game is named after a children’s ride at parks and fairs where a slide spirals down the side of a tower.

On first look the same-sided spiral looks almost too simple to consider as a game of competition. But in practice the handler needs to understand the subtle handling and movement differences between a tight pinwheel and a big wide open flow of obstacles. The Helter Skelter will certainly expose small errors in timing and position.

This variation of the Helter Skelter is called “there, and back again”. The course starts tight, then opens up; and then turns back on itself on a big sweep and tightens back into the central pinwheel.

To enhance the drama of the game this Helter Skelter has a distance challenge that will appeal to the gambler and risk taker. Two containment lines are drawn on the course that will earn the dog a bonus if the handler manages to stay on his side of the line while the dog works…without fault. This is the Time Warp element of the game; and so our variation is called “Warped Helter Skelter”.

Blog1027 NDAL

Questions comments & impassioned speeches to Bud Houston The web store is up and running. You’ll find in the web store The Book of Agility Games, an invaluable reference to clubs engaged in league play.


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