NDAL Spring 2015 Results

May June A June B July Total
TEAM CANADA 537 0 299 357 1193
K9 Powersports 491 220 230 311 1032
K9 Manners & More 436 216 221 324 981
ClickerPets Mexico 450 134 104 207 761
Country Dream Agility 375 216 177 174 726
In Contact Dog Training 318 138 148 186 652
PAWS-AK 295 20 63 0 358
* June A was a bonus course which did not count in league standings.
* Awaiting July results from PAWS-AK

Top Dog Spring League

Earned LPP

TEAM CANADA Kirstin O’Neill Radical Rabbit Malinois 238
K9 Powersports Geoff Teare Nike Papillon 234
TEAM CANADA Seanna O’Neill Excel Shetland Sheepdog 232
K9 Powersports Geoff Teare Clipper Papillon 226
TEAM CANADA Erin McLaughlin Vegas Border Collie 226
TEAM CANADA Kirstin O’Neill Crocodile Crunch All Canadian 217
Country Dream Agility Bud Houston Kory Border Collie 207
K9 Powersports Darryl Pubillones Rosie Border Collie 206
Country Dream Agility Marsha Houston Phoenix Border Collie 192
In Contact Dog Training Deb Auer Cheater All American 190
K9 Manners & More Jack Withrow Zipp Border collie 186
TEAM CANADA Teri O’Neill Tylt Border Collie 182
K9 Manners & More Jessica Witt Chase Border collie 173
TEAM CANADA Annika Chell Flare Shetland Sheepdog 172
TEAM CANADA Kirstin O’Neill Beckham Parson Russell 172
TEAM CANADA Stafford Lesley Rusty Field Spaniel 167
ClickerPets Mexico Jorge Galvan Rebolledo Henry Border Collie 165
TEAM CANADA Tracey Lind Marvellicious Staffordshire Terrier 164
K9 Manners & More Becky Reordan Joe Labrador retriever 163
TEAM CANADA Seanna O’Neill Posh Parson Russell 156
K9 Manners & More Marilyn Battey Given Mini Amer Shepherd 152
K9 Powersports Char Hacker Twinkie All American 151
K9 Manners & More Judy Chymiak Meg Australian Shepherd 144
K9 Manners & More Frances Scriminger Flicka Border collie 143
TEAM CANADA Kirstin O’Neill Tenacious Turtle Whippet 139
Country Dream Agility Jennifer Goudy Koda Border Collie 134
ClickerPets Mexico Sergio Espejo Joskua All American 126
In Contact Dog Training Judy Williams Arlen Mixed Breed 124
K9 Manners & More Frances Scriminger Hotch Border collie 123
TEAM CANADA Teri O’Neill Mopar All Canadian 123
K9 Manners & More Lyn Johnson Andy Shetland Sheepdog 118
TEAM CANADA Tracey Lind Paint Kelpie 116
K9 Manners & More Daphne Grace Hiei Border collie 112
K9 Manners & More Kim Sykes Joan Border collie 111
K9 Manners & More Cathey Love Hoke Boxer 111
K9 Powersports Sarah Marshall Fizz Belgian Tervuren 110
K9 Powersports JoAnn O’Fallon Sparky Shetland Sheepdog 106
K9 Manners & More Cathi Morris Marli All American 105
K9 Powersports Debbie Murray Connor Irish Setter 105
K9 Powersports Darryl Pubillones Dodge Border Collie 105
Country Dream Agility Melissa Holmes Prim Border Collie 102
TEAM CANADA Seanna O’Neill Chips All Canadian 102
TEAM CANADA Julia Burgess Epic Shetland Sheepdog 101
K9 Manners & More Frances Scriminger Wally Border collie 98
TEAM CANADA Dominick Gravell Cypher Shetland Sheepdog 98
TEAM CANADA Lori Rossi Fysti Shetland Sheepdog 97
ClickerPets Mexico Antonio Nolasco Twister Border Collie 96
TEAM CANADA Robbi Bitner Harley All Canadian 94
ClickerPets Mexico Oswaldo Durán Dafne Labrador Retriever 91
K9 Powersports Frank Pubillones Jazmine Border Collie 91
In Contact Dog Training Deb Auer Dizzy English Cocker Spaniel 90
K9 Manners & More Mary Buck Nike Labrador retriever 89
ClickerPets Mexico Ericka Garcia Orca ACD 89
K9 Manners & More Claudia Brierre Lily PW Corgi 88
ClickerPets Mexico Jorge Galvan Rebolledo Frisbee ACD 88
ClickerPets Mexico Oswaldo Durán Vedder Belgian Malinois 86
TEAM CANADA Renee Gibson Zola All Canadian 85
K9 Manners & More Cookie Kemp Cherry Cardigan Corgi 84
TEAM CANADA Annie Dugan Mochi All Canadian 84
ClickerPets Mexico Antonio Nolasco Gisselle Border Collie 82
TEAM CANADA Seanna O’Neill Havoc Malinois 81
PAWS-AK Melissa Wallace Uintah Chihuahua 80
PAWS-AK Patricia Moodie Kiita All American 79
K9 Manners & More Odom Letitia Betty Mini Amer Shepherd 78
K9 Manners & More Moira Lawson Quincy Miniature Schnauzer 77
K9 Manners & More Cookie Kemp Poppy Corgi (Pembrook) 74
ClickerPets Mexico Jorge Galvan Rebolledo Moss ACD 73
K9 Manners & More Therese Dawdy Tally All American (Spitz mix) 72
Country Dream Agility Dennis McHenry Ranger Border Collie 72
In Contact Dog Training Jennifer Lelys Dakota Mixed Breed 72
K9 Manners & More Michael Kemp Lindy Lou Cardigan Corgi 70
K9 Manners & More Tonya Sims Ryleigh Collie 69
PAWS-AK Connie Anthony Tekla Cattle Dog 69
ClickerPets Mexico Alma Garcia Hanna Labrador Retriever 68
TEAM CANADA Stafford Lesley Hickory Weimaraner 64
In Contact Dog Training Jennifer Lelys Winnie Mixed Breed 63
PAWS-AK Lisa Vaughn Chai Border Collie 62
K9 Manners & More Therese Dawdy AnnaBelle All American (lab x) 57
TEAM CANADA John Chandler Meme Beagle 56
K9 Manners & More Susan Jones Jay-Z German Shepherd Dog 54
K9 Manners & More Rebecca Dinkins Pancho All American 53
K9 Manners & More Tonya Sims Danica Collie 51
K9 Manners & More Gail Brown Jetta Belgian Sheepdog 51
K9 Manners & More Donna Murray Pete Border collie 49
K9 Powersports Dan Schultz-Ela Harry Jack Russel Terrier 48
TEAM CANADA Annika Chell Shiloh All Canadian 47
K9 Powersports Cathy Barkley Gunny Scottish Terrier 46
ClickerPets Mexico Mary Steele Murphy Jack Russell Terrier 45
PAWS-AK April Barnes Ami Australian Shepherd 43
In Contact Dog Training Mary Ann Pollitt Sunny Shetland Sheepdog 42
PAWS-AK Michelle Atkins Willow Visla 42
K9 Manners & More Alicia Uerling Ginny Labrador retriever 41
ClickerPets Mexico Nicki Roberts Lulu All American 40
ClickerPets Mexico Linda Hendy Maya GSD 38
In Contact Dog Training Erin Vincent Geni Miniature Schnauzer 37
PAWS-AK Karen Ricks Cloud Australian Shepherd 37
K9 Manners & More Sharon Clark Gabby Border collie 36
ClickerPets Mexico Jena Olio Boom Shetland Sheepdog 36
K9 Powersports Cody Lange Cosmo Border Collie 36
K9 Manners & More Ronda Clawson Favor Portugese Water Dog 35
K9 Powersports Sarah Cox Random Border Collie 34
In Contact Dog Training Sandra Carbonell Emily Hope Miniature Pinscher 33
K9 Manners & More Karen Handzlik Sydney All American 32
ClickerPets Mexico Donna Dymackova Tasha Am. Cocker Spaniel 32
TEAM CANADA Robyn Thomson Dax Golden Retreiver 31
K9 Manners & More Gail Brown Brandy Belgian Tervuren 30
K9 Manners & More Michael Kemp Harry Cardigan Corgi 29
ClickerPets Mexico Jena Olio Chilie Border Collie 28
TEAM CANADA Erin McLaughlin Ritz Papillon 26
ClickerPets Mexico Arantxa Romero Frida All Mexican 24
Country Dream Agility Marsha Houston Cedar All American 23
TEAM CANADA Seanna O’Neill Squirrel Berger Picard 22
ClickerPets Mexico Arantxa Romero Triston Golden Retriever 21
K9 Manners & More Odom Letitia Betty Mini Amer Shepherd 19
K9 Powersports Sarah Marshall Wylie Belgian Tervuren 19
PAWS-AK Kate Wood Sky Scottish Terrier 17
PAWS-AK Karen Ricks Kea Australian Shepherd 17
ClickerPets Mexico Sergio Espejo Coco French Poodle 16
In Contact Dog Training Tomi Frank Viola Pembroke Welsh Corgi 14
In Contact Dog Training Cynthia Binder Mariner Golden Retriever 13
K9 Manners & More Tonya Sims Sabra Toy Manchester Terrier 12
In Contact Dog Training Pam Groves Zoom! West Highland Terrier 11
PAWS-AK Lisa Vaughn Cajun Border Collie 11
K9 Manners & More Rebecca Dinkins Raven All American 7
In Contact Dog Training Erin Vincent Izzy Miniature Schnauzer 7
K9 Manners & More Mikayla South Rowdy Border collie 6
K9 Manners & More Bob Buck Cobie Border collie 4
K9 Powersports Thomas Radinsky Chet Mini American Shepherd 3
PAWS-AK Lisa Vaughn Piper Border Collie 3
ClickerPets Mexico Betty White Quincy Havanese 1
ClickerPets Mexico Antonio Nolasco Pilot Border Collie 1
PAWS-AK Dianne Marshall Fly Border Collie 1

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Questions comments & impassioned speeches to Bud Houston Houston.Bud@gmail.com. The web store is up and running. www.dogagility.org/newstore. You’ll find in the web store The Book of Agility Games, an invaluable reference to clubs engaged in league play.


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