June 2015 National Dog Agility League Courses

We are pleased to present two courses for the month of June 2015 for league play. Our game designer is Seanna O’neill of Team Canada. Each is a numbered sequence designed for a 40′ by 60′ space; and each is scored Time, Plus Faults.

Download the scoring and course maps for each below. The courses are nested (run without the least movement of equipment). Both will count toward league final scoring.


This is a short numbered course with very technical features of an International flavor.


This is a short numbered sequence that features more flow; perfect for a more novice player or for an advanced player who wants to show off a bit of speed.

May League Course

We are entering results for our May league course. If for any reason you were unable to run the course in May, we will leave it open through the end June. The May league course was designed by Steve Schwarz for a 60′ by 70′ field; and is scored Time, Plus Faults.

Download the scoring and course maps below:


League Business

The National Dog Agility League admittedly has a confusing presence on the internet we have decided to use a newsletter format to keep you informed on a month basis of the basic business of the conduct of the league.

Opt Out ~ If you would not like to receive these informational newsletters, please write me at Houston.Bud@gmail.com with a simple “I’d like to opt out” or “Darken my door no more” kind of message. I’ll take you off the list.

If you ARE going to play in the league (or desire to at some point), I need to collect a bit of important intelligence.

Field Size ~ What is the size of the field available to you.

Frequency ~ How often should league courses be published? Do you want to be in a weekly, or monthly, or twice-monthly league? Quarterly?

Content ~ What kind of games and courses should we be running? Rather than presenting a multiple choice list, you tell me. Do you want rough and tumble International Style courses? Do you want flowy and fun novice courses? Do you want games… or ordinary numbered sequences?

Limitations ~ We are considering limiting the league to 64 member clubs. Member clubs get a Yes/No vote on this principle.

Impressions ~ Tell me in concise language what your experience has been with the National Dog Agility League. What could we do better? What needs to be fixed?

Volunteering ~ If you would like an active Board position in the National Dog Agility League, please let me know what role you would like to take with the League.

* * *

Excuse the brevity of this Notice/Newsletter. It’s our first (and will probably be published verbatim on our Blog and on our FB page).

I’ll look forward to hearing from you.


Bud Houston


  • National Dog Agility League member clubs
  • Just about everybody who has ever indicated they are interested in the National Dog Agility League.

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