Cherry Picking from the Catalog

As we await the end of March, whereupon we’ll find out who are the founding clubs for the National Dog Agility League, I am conducting NDAL competition here at my training facility. We have a few artifact courses to choose from, some of which have results. Of course I could have designed a new course or game. But I wanted to demonstrate how to use the catalog to record scores against a game that has already been played.

The course we are running this week was originally run a bit over two years ago. There are only six or seven recorded results. But these will be rolled up with new results.

I’ll share with you here the course we are running this week. This is what the page looks like when you open the “Catalog of Courses and Games”. Aside from the course map there is also a link to download the scorekeeping worksheet and another to download existing results.

This is a useful system for clubs that are engaged in league play. Rather than designing new courses, they can select courses that have already been designed and approved for play. Note that the filename indicates the size of the space for which the course was designed: 010413A60x85. This filename indicates that the game was originally played in January of 2013 for a field measuring at a minimum, 60′ by 85′.

011814A60x85 ~ Numbered Course


Download Event Workbook

Download Results

The Catalog of Courses and Games

Each course run or game played under the aegis of the National Dog Agility League shall be recorded in the Catalog of Courses and Games. Any course or game in the Catalog is approved for use and reuse in competition.

The results from dogs a course or game are held as historic results. When reusing an existing course or game in the Catalog new players will be competing with the historic players. The scores of historic players may enhance the Lifetime Performance Points earned by new players; and the first place dog might be either a new player, or a historic player.

If a judge were to make any change in the detail of the Game (eg. changing the scoring basis) this variation would become a new and unique game with no ties or association to the original.

Data for Recording

  • Name or Title of the game
  • Credit to Course Designer
  • Course Map (including, if possible, CRCD source code)
  • Qualifying Criteria (including Scoring Basis and Rates of Travel)
  • Results

Download a Current Catalog of Games

1.2 Competition Guidelines

National Dog Agility League (NDAL) competition is intended to be a recreational format for the sport of dog agility.

A Host Club may organize and conduct a competition under the sanction of the NDAL without prior approval so long as:

  1. The Host Club is insured;
  2. Games and courses are reviewed in advance; [games and courses obtained from the Catalog of Games and Courses have already been reviewed and approved].
  3. Only registered dogs engage in the competition. There is no application for League competition. Consequently there is no trial application fee.

Blog994 NDAL

Questions comments & impassioned speeches to Bud Houston The web store is up and running. You’ll find in the web store The Book of Agility Games, an invaluable reference to clubs engaged in league play.


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