April 2013 Events


I’ve been working through the score-keeping task for literally everything we’ve done to date. It is far more complicated than you might think! Possibly by tomorrow everybody who has played with us will get an email showing their qualifying scores and Lifetime Performance Points earned to date.

Top Dog Top Ten

Top Dog Agility Players is proud and pleased to announce the top ten dogs as of April 12, 2013:

#1 Cocoa ~ Dachshund owned by Teresa Kolean ~ 231 LPP

#2 Ziva ~ Australian Shepherd owned by Elizabeth Britton ~ 204 LPP

#3 Chili ~ Puggle owned by Jenn Soden ~ 191 LPP

#4 Flaire ~ Dachshund owned by Teresa Kolean ~ 187 LPP

#5 Misty ~ Cattle Dog owned by Holly Fitzgerald ~ 182 LPP

#6 Maggie Mae ~ Yorkiepoo owned by Kathy Partin ~ 181 LPP

#7 Silver ~ Dachshund owned by Teresa Kolean ~ 179 LPP

#8 Magic ~ Dachshund owned by Teresa Kolean ~ 171 LPP

#9 Missy ~ Cocker Spaniel owned by Hannah Page ~ 169 LPP

#10 Casey ~ Shetland Sheepdog owned by Romona Crain ~ 167 LPP

April Event

Today we are publishing one numbered course, designed by Kuliga judge Brenda Gilday.


Want to run this with us? To download the score-sheet, click here: 040913A60X100. All scores must be in by the end of May.


Questions comments & impassioned speeches to Bud Houston Houston.Bud@gmail.com. Visit the web store at: www.dogagility.org/newstore. Please note that the web store carries The Book of Agility Games. This is an important reference for any club who plays the variety of games that we’ll play in Top Dog Agility Players.


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