TDAP Concept

I’m trying to put together a very large competitive agility league that spans the country, and possibly will work its way around the world. The concept is fairly simple. Every week we will run the same courses or play the same games within the league, and then submit scores to a central database (League Secretary).

We actually have a rule book (deep in draft mode right now). The system will include titling. And more importantly will track Lifetime Performance Points (LPP) for a dog over time.

It has been my dream for many years to develop a recreational approach to agility that is affordable to just about anybody who wants to play. And I think I’ve finally got the correct model.

This is Top Dog Agility Players.

Initially our intention is to operate as a broad-based agility league in which all scores will be aggregated for the growth and ranking of dogs in competition. We will have our own rule book; and we will confer titles for qualifying scores to dogs that distinguish themselves in competition; in much the same way the big and important dog agility organizations do.

The difference:

  • There are no dog registration fees in TDAP
  • There are no club membership fees in TDAP
  • There are no Trial Application fees in TDAP


The single expense for play in TDAP shall be the League Secretary (or Recording) Fee. This is the lowest comparable in the sport of dog agility at $1.00 per run; paid when results are reported.

This is rather like the league play format we used to do in JFF. The course is set up at the beginning of the week and as students come for class they will play the game, and then have their class (or vice reversa). So it’s a win for the people who play with their dogs as well, because there are no additional travel costs.

I really want to know if you are interested in this. I want to match you up with everyone who has a comparable field size (and equipment).

This is an early invitation. You’d be one of the pioneers of this recreational venue. We’re calling it, for now, Top Dog Agility Players (TDAP).

Bud Houston


28 thoughts on “TDAP Concept

    • Erica, you were on my list to call. I’ve been getting in touch with clubs in Cleveland and in Columbus. An Ohio conference would be so fun… dozens of people you’ve played with over the years from all over the state… running the same course.

      By the way, I’m working with my DP guru on having a field available for the owner of any dog to associate a YouTube link to their dog’s run. This will make it very fun for people to compare results for friends across the state!


      • Go big or go home….building is 80′ x 120′ and they break ground next week….they were supposed to start this week…I will not hear “I told you so” from you, Mr. Houston .

      • It would be awesome if you’d play along. If you would send me a CRCD map of your facility (to locate the posts) it will be easier to match you up with other clubs with a similar floor space.

        Bud Houston

    • Wayne, I knew you’d be interested. When you get a chance, send me a CRCD of your training/competition space. I’d like to match you up with other clubs with comparable field space. ~ Bud

  1. 40 x 80 in the winter months but come spring – say May through Oct we have either large outdoor areas or can rent the horse barn at the fair grounds. We have no real indoor facility beyond our dog school for winter and their township wouldn’t let them add o to the building.

  2. We are interested. Our building is 50×80. We teach in the building January-April and September-December. May-August we mostly teach at our outdoor field which is 70×210 (on rainy or really hot days we move to the building). Thanks!

  3. This sounds great, I love the idea of affordable and recreational agility! Any clubs forming in central Iowa? What would need to be done to form a club?

  4. The “Huckleberry Hounds Agility Club” in Sanders County, MT, would be pleased to participate! We are a mostly non-trialing club of about 20 members in the wilds of northwestern Montana. (We were featured in an article last spring in Clean Run) and our specialty is playing games that don’t involve travel or expense. We train year-round in an indoor horse arena, about 75′ x 120′. Please include us in your group and keep us informed. Our website: Thanks!!

  5. Dear Bud, I was fortunate a number of years ago to attend your workshop held at JoAnn Mathers home in Arlington, WA. I would love to get on board with this concept and use it as part of my training for my students at Aireborne Dog Agility in Snohomish, WA.

  6. I am on the outskirts of Minneapolis, our training center is Leader of the Pack Canine. Our agility floor during the winter is 50′ x 50′. Would that be too small? During the summer we can run outdoors on a 70″ by 100′ area.
    Paul Anderson

  7. Hi Bud!
    K9 Powersports in Grand Junction, CO is still very interested! The outdoor field here is 85′ x 110′ and in winter or foul weather we go indoors with 60′ x 70′ of usable floor space. We also have an alternative outdoor location of 100′ x 100′ size. Shoud be fun!

  8. Hi Bud!
    I live in Ct. would love to see something like this get started in the New England area! Otherwise we’ll have to do some long distance driving! lol I guess that would defeat the purpose! I love your blogs! I need to ask you some questions concerning agility trials with my aussie. thanks Alice

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